Need a Good Multivitamin? Five Things To Look For First

Everyone Needs a Good Multivitamin

good multivitamin

Choosing a good multivitamin supplement can be puzzling

I’m here to help you with a few missing pieces of that puzzle.  Conflicting are everywhere, especially on the Internet. And the confusion is not helped by negative reports from the media about supplements in general. The reality is that the quality of good multivitamin ranges widely.

The highest quality supplements use the most effective forms of vitamins and minerals.  They are the most soluble, and third-party tested for potency, shelf life,  and for best absorption in the body.

While the popular ‘one-a-day’ vitamins claim to provide all that the body needs in a single tablet; they severely lack many necessary nutrients.  Other supplements use synthetic vitamins.  Lastly some supplements claim to be from ‘whole foods’, when they are really just combined with a few whole food ingredients.

There are studies showing  benefits from taking a good multivitamin that meet dietary needs for optimal health. If this weren’t true, or if multivitamins were somehow “dangerous”, then why do most medical doctors continue prescribing prenatal multivitamins to pregnant women?

 Five Things To Look for In a Good Multivitamin

good multivitamin

  1. Quality – Consumer Labs reports that 1 in 3 over-the-counter supplements had incorrect labeling of ingredients or simply failed to dissolve for proper absorption.
  2.  Efficacy – Simple put, effectiveness.
  3. Optimal dosages – Supplement makers will often add a mineral such as calcium or an antioxidant to help it sell better, but not enough mg. to really strengthen bones or support the heart. Such supplements should be avoided.
  4. Solubility – Have you heard of “bed pan bullets”?   That’s what doctors used to call calcium pills that exited your body the in same form it went in. There still are a few multivitamins on the market that don’t disintegrate  properly. It should disintegrate within 60 minutes or less in  in plain water or rice vinegar.
  5. Absorption (bioavailability )– Companies make misleading claims when they market their supplements as more highly absorbed. There are also vitamins on the market that completely disregard well-known absorption problems when dosages of minerals such as calcium are too high.

 My Choice of a Good Multivitamin

good multivitamin

Before we choose a good multivitamin, each of the five points  should be considered. Having done my homework, my choice is Ageless Essentials, which comes in convenient A.M. and P.M. packets. The packs provide optimal dosages of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D3, calcium, vitamin E, and vitamin K2.

Ageless Essentials also includes bioactive compounds that support anti-aging.
These include fat-soluble CoQ10 (100 mg) with eight times greater bioavailability,  ultra-purified DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids (600 mg EPA, 440 mg DHA), trans-resveratrol (250 mg), and more.  Add in Product B to the order—Ageless Essentials with Product B—and as clearly displayed on every box, “Imagine adding life to your years with an increased feeling of youth, health and vitality.”

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