THE Cookie Diet Review – Safe or Sorry

THE Cookie Diet – More sorry than safe

The Cookie Diet is low in calories and low in certain nutrients. About 3/4 of the food you eat on this diet is cookies. Six to eight oz. of chicken or seafood for protein and one cup of veges make up the rest of your total calories for the day. The cookies are formulated to keep your hunger down, having high amounts of specific amino acids.Is the Cookie Diet Safe?

Weight Loss with THE Cookie Diet

The Cookie Diet only allows 1,000 calories per day. Siegal states that on average people lose 15 lbs. a month. (He said that in an ABC News report) The cookies are made from filling carbs like oats, rice, whole wheat flour and bran.

Don’t risk malnutrition from THE Cookie Diet

The cookies in the Cookie Diet  provide 60 g of carbs per day; plus the 10 g more are allowed in your dinner veges.  The RDA of carbohydrates is more like 100 grams per day. ABC News reports that, with Seigal’s The Cookie Diet  you could also be at risk for insufficient calcium, vitamin D-4 and fiber.

In summary, The Cookie Diet may not be safe to stay on for long periods of time. It does not provide essential dietary nutrients. This diet could be risky for diabetics and is unsafe for pregnant and lactating/breast-feeding women. You should consult your doctor before starting The Cookie Diet.
History of THE Cookie Diet
The Cookie Diet was created in 1975 by Dr. Sanford Seigal. The good doctor wanted to develop a diet that his overweight patients would stay with and that also helped to curb their hunger. Dr. Seigal’s diet was only available to his patients in the beginning.  He opened it to the public in 2007.

Smart for Life Cookies and Products are Different!!!

Lose weight with 60% Organic and Natural Smart for Life Cookies
There are also vitamin supplements and shakes available to buy as well, like with other SAFE diet programs.
Smart for Life was founded by a Certified Bariatric Medical Doctor- Dr Sasson Moulavi. Dr. Sass explains that eating the 100-calorie smart cookie will not only fill you up, but  that your body will then use 200 calories from your fat cells for energy.
You see, the body is ”smart” …  the ‘Smart Cookie’.  Get it? :-) Cupcakes, Bars, Shakes, Soups and much more than just cookies!The cost is pretty much an exchange for the average cost of around $10 a day that most people spend (often even more) just on lunch and snack foods.

Smart for Life is Smarter!

The Smart For Life Cookie Diet is convenient and very affordable, especially with their package deals of the week.  If you don’t like to cook or count calories this can really help you to stick to a diet.

Smart for Life Cookie Diet Free Shipping
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