After Baby Weight Loss Success Stories

After Baby Weight Loss Success Stories
Oxygen Magazine Cover Model and more!

getting body back after baby

After baby weight loss success stories abound!

Oxygen Cover Model Gets Back Her Best Figure

Late 2012 Angelike Norrie’s world shifted in almost every sense.  She had a baby. Her father passed away from a sudden bout of cancer. She accepted a promotion and relocated to another state. Then Oxygen magazine called to see if Angelike could get into peak condition for the March 2013 cover- in just 4 weeks.  Thankfully, she knew preparing for another Oxygen cover would be easier this time around because she had Isagenix®. She knew she would be one of the after baby weight loss success stories and would encourage other women.

“Before having a child, I used to prep and carry my food everywhere. I was a ‘chew your food’ athlete and did too much cardio and weight training,” admits 34-year-old Angelike. “It was a difficult lifestyle to maintain and it was made even more impossible when you have to carry a diaper bag, a stroller and manage a full-time executive career. Isagenix changed my life. I trusted my Isagenix products,” continues Angelike, who started using Isagenix when her daughter Ella was six weeks old. “I honestly feel like the products did most of the work since my schedule was very unpredictable.” Angelike combined a consistent cardio and weight training program and included key products such as Ionix® SupremeWant More Energy?®, IsaPro® and IsaLean® Shakes. She skipped the boxed lunches in board meetings and on planes and opted for IsaLean Bars or an IsaLean Shake instead.

 After Baby Weight Loss Success Stories-
Second place winner in contest!After baby weight loss success stories- Lisa W

Lisa got paid to lose weight!
A year after giving birth to her fourth child, Lisa’s life spiraled out her control. She was unhappy with her appearance, unable to lose the extra baby weight, and beyond exhausted. She knew something had to change.

Starting with a 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, Lisa began her life-changing transformation and added her name to the after baby weight loss success stories. Two weeks into her workout, Lisa felt like a whole new person.  Her quick, six-month transformation flabbergasted her trainer, who’s been in the field for 20 years. The best part? Her hard work paid off and she won second-place in the Women’s 36-49 Category for the 2011 IsaBody Challenge.

After pregnancy, weight loss is usually a top concern for new mothers. Enter Isagenix to the rescue! Hundreds of women have shared their after baby weight loss success stories of how they arrived at their pre-pregnancy weight in record time using Isagenix products.  Marilu Henner talks about Isagenix-

Lisa, Jill and Angelike  are only a few of the many emotional success stories that has happened as a result of the Isagenix program.  We have seen clients who have successfully lost as little as 20 lbs right up to 401 lbs.

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Isagenix is about changing your life, not just after baby weight loss success stories.

WARNING: You may need a tissue for the following video. The people in the video below are my personal friends.  REAL PEOPLE, REAL RESULTS.
Who do you know that would like to ‘get their life back’?



*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of seven pounds during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Overeating- Can Drinking Water Really Help?

Overeating and Ways to Control It

water drink more = no overeating

It’s no secret that overeating is one of the main causes of obesity along with its complications and health risks.  But how do we know when we are overeating? Do we have a fuel gauge that tells us when we are full?  We need to be aware when we are overeating and make a better choice before it’s too late and we feel discouraged. You will definitely know you overate when your stomach feels bloated, you suffer indigestion and many other discomforts that we are all well familiar with.


We have basically two sensors:

Our body is smart, the brain… no so much. 🙂
So what are the built-in ‘sensors’ that can help us from overeating?
One in the stomach -for fullness- which is easy to trick by drinking water  before a meal and other sensor is in the brain.  Our brain needs about 20 minutes to sense that we are not hungry anymore; so work on taking about 20 minutes or more to finish your meal and by then you should feel satisfied.
When to drink water to control overeating:


no overeating with water intake at the proper time

Drink water before and after your meal. 

Do not confuse being full with being satisfied, if you eat very fast, your stomach can get bloated but you will still be hungry.

Drinking your water cold is better for hunger control.

Drink water that is the proper Alkaline!! More on that below.


Does drinking water help you lose weight?

The short answer is ‘yes’, it can. Here’s what else it can do, in addition to stopping us from overeating.

  1. Drinking water makes you feel full; less hungry = no overeating!
  2. Drinking water gives you more energy; it has electrolytes and minerals that your body needs.
  3. Drinking water can help your body burn stored fat.
  4. Drinking water can increase your metabolism.
  5. Drinking water helps build muscle.

*How much water should I drink to help overeating and lose weight ?

Your body needs at least 8-10 cups of water a day and more depending on your activity level. And by the way, a cup is equal to 8 oz., not that small orange juice glass in your cabinet. Another good measure is to drink half your body weight in ounces.
140lbs….Drink 70 ounces of water.. which is 2 quarts, which is 8 glasses.  See? Simple!

Why Drink Alkalized Water?

What Is pH?
The pH (Potential of Hydrogen) scale is a measure of the degree of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution as measured on a pHscale of 0 to 14.  You want to have at least a pH of 7.

Most of us don’t realize that the water we drink, even bottled or purified, may be acidic and contain impurities. The water doesn’t taste good and certainly is not the best  for our health. If you don’t like the water, you won’t drink it.

Alkalized water helps to ensure the Proper pH level for maximum hydration, helping the body to cleanse away toxins in our system. IsaWATER  is one more tool to help us be healthy, while allowing our body to perform at optimum levels.
IsaWater Alkalized Concentrate encourages you to drink more water. Less overeating!

less overeating with Isawater