Starting a # Hashtag Campaign on Twitter

Creating a #Hashtag Campaign


Little Action, Big Result #Hashtag

Take Twitter  hashtags, for example..#hashtag Creating a hashtag…it’s not as hard it it may seem; just add the “#” symbol in front of a word or a group of words with the spaces between them taken out. This teeny detail lets Twitter organically categorize your tweets, as well as anyone else’s, that make use of the exact same #hashtag.  It’s pretty much the equivalent of assigning keyword tags to websites and blog posts.

How can this #Hashtag help a business grow?

Just as anyone searching for a specific keyword/phrase gets directed toward the articles with that keyword, anyone searching on a # sees a list of tweets containing that #.  Think about that for a second, that’s the power of the humble hashtag. By adding a relevant to your tweet, it becomes visible to everyone searching for that specific subject, adding your thoughts to the mix. Hashtags will hone in and narrow down your viewers, allowing your tweets to involve only those interested in the same subject. The odds of your tweets being retweeted are also higher when you use the right # to share your comments on a subject- it’s one’s nature to share useful insights.  In the end, you may gain new followers, not because of the hashtags per se, but because your ideas will reach the folks interested in them in the first place.

With such a powerful tool for attracting folks to engage with you, naturally the next step is to use the # platform to market products and services. It makes good sense and Twitter is loaded with stories of how companies carry out their marketing campaigns using #s.

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Here are some tips on how to get started with your own #Hashtag

  1. Make sure your intentions for starting the #hashtag are clear and focused. Formulate a hashtag that is relevant.   Is your aim to create buzz? Are you looking to provoke conversation?
  2. Make sure the # you have in mind is in not already being used.Twitter Search, and Tagalus are some tools you can use to find out.
  3. Start tweeting your #hashtag. It helps to briefly explaining what it means. Tweet with value, and with moderation. No one likes a spammer.
  4. Set up an automatic alert tool that sends you an email when someone tweets your hashtag.  Twilert is one that you can use.

How to Use Twitter for Business | Free Guide

How to Use Twitter for Business

How to use Twitter for business

Do you know how to use Twitter for business?

Almost half of  all Twitter users follow brands – is your business one of them? Lots of companies think they know how to use Twitter for business, but are leaving out necessary ingredients.

A  prominent Twitter presence can be a dominant part of your business’ marketing plan. To help your business learn the benefits of Twitter, Hubspot has put together a simple basic ebook on how to use Twitter for business.

Twitter can help you grow company awareness, tweet with your followers about your business, and lots more.

Twitter can help you:

  • Promote your company 
  • Personalize your business relationship with your followers
  • Read and reply to people are saying about your business
  • Blast new promotions and special events

You ought to have a true strategy for your business on Twitter. This ebook covers the basics of twitter. You’ll see what a great business tool Twitter can be. Learn how to start a hashtag campaign and what ‘hash-tag’ is!

Free Beginner’s Guide on How to Use Twitter for Business

Learn how to  Share, Engage, & Market on Twitter

Download Hubspot’s  ebook and learn how to use Twitter for business. This is a step-by-step, ‘down and dirty’ Twitter business tool. This free guide will demonstrate:

  • Twitter basics, terminology and words
  • How to optomize the set up of  your business profile
  • How to use Twitter for business with simple marketing 101

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how to use Twitter for business



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GMO Food Controversy

Klout Perks: Is it a game or good measure?

What’s all the Clammer about Klout Perks?

Klout measures influence by using data points from Twitter, such as: following count, follower count, retweets, list memberships and so on.  This information is blended with Facebook and LinkedIn data such as comment, likes, and the number of friends in your network to come up with a “Klout Score” that measures a user’s online *influence.

*Influence- how influential the people that retweet you are, and unique mentions.  Define influential.

The World According to Klout

Let’s look at the definitions here:

True Reach- the number of people you influence.

Amplification – how much you influence people.

Network – indicates the influence of the people in your True Reach

One problem is that Klout doesn’t measure “influence” it measures Social Amplification.
Its algorithms are misguided (you don’t typically have reach and interaction on LinkedIn)
It’s apparent you can decrease in score as quickly –if not quicker- than you can increase.
What’s a good Score?

According to Klout, influence is relative so it depends on your goal and peers. The average Klout Score is not 50; instead, it is around 20. The Score becomes exponentially harder to increase as you move up the scale.

What are Klout Perks?

Klout Perks are exclusive products or experiences you earn based on your Klout.  Of late CEO and co-founder Joe Fernandez states he is ready to amp up his own Klout by monetizing with advertisers via the Perks Program.  The most influential people will in theory reach out and Amplify about the awesome Perk they just received, thereby driving their network of Tweeps to purchase.  So if you have a lot of Klout you get to market for Joe Fernandez.

One problem I see with this is the availability- or lack thereof- for these Perks.  Klout states that the average score is 20; my score as of today is 56 and I have yet to have a Perk ‘available’ to me.
Another problem-  the ‘perks’ are far from enticing for one to put time into gaining a higher score just to be eligible for one. Energy drink?  Hair gel?  Really?

Disclosure: “I have received a free box of Pop Chips and a ‘home viewing party’ kit for the TV show Lone Star through Klout’s Perks program.”~ Jason Keath

Do you hold any merit to your Klout score?  Or is it more of a game to you?

Team Klout







My thanks to Neal Schaffer for inspiring me to write this!

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