Starting a # Hashtag Campaign on Twitter

Creating a #Hashtag Campaign


Little Action, Big Result #Hashtag

Take Twitter  hashtags, for example..#hashtag Creating a hashtag…it’s not as hard it it may seem; just add the “#” symbol in front of a word or a group of words with the spaces between them taken out. This teeny detail lets Twitter organically categorize your tweets, as well as anyone else’s, that make use of the exact same #hashtag.  It’s pretty much the equivalent of assigning keyword tags to websites and blog posts.

How can this #Hashtag help a business grow?

Just as anyone searching for a specific keyword/phrase gets directed toward the articles with that keyword, anyone searching on a # sees a list of tweets containing that #.  Think about that for a second, that’s the power of the humble hashtag. By adding a relevant to your tweet, it becomes visible to everyone searching for that specific subject, adding your thoughts to the mix. Hashtags will hone in and narrow down your viewers, allowing your tweets to involve only those interested in the same subject. The odds of your tweets being retweeted are also higher when you use the right # to share your comments on a subject- it’s one’s nature to share useful insights.  In the end, you may gain new followers, not because of the hashtags per se, but because your ideas will reach the folks interested in them in the first place.

With such a powerful tool for attracting folks to engage with you, naturally the next step is to use the # platform to market products and services. It makes good sense and Twitter is loaded with stories of how companies carry out their marketing campaigns using #s.

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Here are some tips on how to get started with your own #Hashtag

  1. Make sure your intentions for starting the #hashtag are clear and focused. Formulate a hashtag that is relevant.   Is your aim to create buzz? Are you looking to provoke conversation?
  2. Make sure the # you have in mind is in not already being used.Twitter Search, and Tagalus are some tools you can use to find out.
  3. Start tweeting your #hashtag. It helps to briefly explaining what it means. Tweet with value, and with moderation. No one likes a spammer.
  4. Set up an automatic alert tool that sends you an email when someone tweets your hashtag.  Twilert is one that you can use.

5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Websites and Blog

Get More Traffic = Get More Leads

Skin That Cat, Get More Traffic

get more traffic

A top concern we have as website owners?  How to get more traffic to our sites. Without knowing how to get more traffic, how else will we build our list, get more leads, make more conversions/sales and continue to make money online?

There are scores of ways to get more traffic.  I’ve collected a few of my favorite traffic-generating actions and put them into categories, some could fit within a few categories:

• Content and article marketing
• Page Title
• Copy
• Links and Images

Get more Traffic, Make more money_ Master Training series

Content and Article Marketing

1. Start a blog. Use
2. Research your keywords using the Google keyword tool. Target your blog posts and articles using these keywords. This will help your posts rank higher in the search results and get more traffic.
3. Update your website or blog  daily.


One of the most important things you can do to improve your rankings in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) is to ensure your website is optimized to your keywords,  more targeted toward the topic.

Page Title

Each web page on your site should have its own distinct title. A title should tell the search engines (and the reader!) what the page is about. Make sure to work in a couple keywords that are specific to that page.


Your copy, links and the images should all be constructed to give the search engines an idea about your blog’s singular reason for being.

Once you have a list of keywords or key phrases, you may then begin your message.  A good rule of thumb here is to focus on a few keywords per page.   Do not pack your site with your keywords. The top search engines have algorithms in place that will penalize for ‘stuffing’. Keyword stuffing is considered to be a “black hat” optimization action and is great way to get your website banned from the search engines. Not recommended.)

Links and Images

Descriptive links are another great way to tell the search engines what your site is about . They carry a good amount of weight and should be used wisely.  Rather than saying ‘click here’ or ‘read more’, build a little more information into the link by saying ‘read more about nature’s stress relievers’ (or whatever your topic.) Assuming ‘healthy weight loss’ was one of our key words, you just gave that search engine a little more reason to promote the site when someone searches healthy weight loss.

Even the images you use can build get more traffic for your blog or website.
For example, if you have a nutrition company, don’t just use a picture of successful client the way it came off your digital camera… ‘LD3459.jpg’  Search engines use file name you give your picture. A better file name might be “wendy-lost-50-pounds.jpg” or ‘amazing-weight-loss.jpg’ This same principle holds true for every file name you use on your site.

Feed the Search Engines to Get More traffic

Does it sound like I’m catering to the search engines? I am. Search engines are the gateway to your website. Make it clear to them you are 1) an authority in your field, and 2) your website holds great value to those who will find it.


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Use Level One Network  when Blogging for Business

I have blogged with a few systems and the best way that I have found for ranking #1 on Google is the system called Level One  Network .  Level One Network is an affiliate marketers dream!  You’ll have your own blog set up for you by Level One (I use my network blog and also write on Karenville), and you will benefit by sharing in the traffic on the network. You’ll also have your own optimized video network for YouTube.  You may also opt to add your own professional pdf maker.  Dan Miller is a successful online marketer and shares with us what he does to rank #1 on Google.  In his master training course, Dan will teach you how he creates his own best sites without an additional cost of advertising.  Follow this simple doable system and you will succeed in blogging for business or any kind of internet marketing.

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Blogging For Business | Content and Campaign is King

How to Make Money
Blogging For Business

Are you blogging for business?

blogging for business Learn how blogging for business can be the center of your entire marketing program and explode your residual income growth.  Not long ago Social Media Examiner interviewed Joe Pulizzi for their Social Marketing Podcast.  Joe shared his blogging story and how he grew his business. He discussed how blogs can grow your email list and how to expand your network.  Remember this:  content marketing.

Save this link to the podcast about Blogging for Business

If you plan to be blogging for business, you’ll want to consistently give your visitors an interesting and relevant read. This would help you keep your current customers and gain new ones. Maybe you will create a new pattern of sales.  You may not directly sell from what you are writing that day, yet gain a loyal customer  from the relationship you are building by giving value to the reader from the content in your blog.

There is more than just the content, although content is king.  You want to solve the visitor’s problem or query, but you must be found first!

To reach the #1 rank on Google and other search engines, you must have an organized campaign in place for the niche you are writing about.
Learn more about this strategy and all the how-to’s with Level One Network‘s master training.

Find a niche, share your knowledge, solve their problem, relieve their ‘pain’.

Another reason why blogging for business is so critical today is that Marketing Sherpa‘s stats show that today, 60% of the buying/decision-making  is done without ever talking to a live person.  What does this means?  You must offer compelling content to the reader/prospect considering your product, or you are going to be left out of the decision-making process or sale.


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Why I Use Level One Network  when Blogging for Business

I have experimented with a few systems and the best way that I have found for ranking #1 on Google is the system called Level One  Network .  Level One Network is an internet marketers dream!  You will have your own blog set up for you immediately (I use my network blog and also write on Karenville), and you will personally share in the traffic on the network. You’ll also have your own optimized video network for YouTube.  You may also opt to add your own SEO Pro network and your own professional pdf maker.  The owner, Dan Miller, is a successful online marketer who is sharing with us  what he does to get to #1 on Google.  In his master’s training course, Dan will teach you how he creates his own best blog sites without the additional cost of advertising on line.  Follow this system and you will ultimately succeed in blogging for business or affiliate marketing of any kind on the internet.

The Roadmap to Ranking #1 on Google

Blogging for Business has never been easier



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How to Make the Best Blog Sites

Find the Right System for The Best Blog Sites

best blog sites

Successful Tips to make the Best Blog Sites on the web!

So today we’ll talk about three crucial elements to make your blog a work of art and one of the best blog sites out there. 🙂  Let’s remember, the best blog sites can make great money, if your goal is to monetize the blog. One of the first things you need to succeed is to have a system in place.  Systems Succeed. More on that in a minute.  Another ingredient for success is enough ways to promote your blog.  Today I will list 10 ways to promote your blogs to make them the best blog sites.  The third crucial element to make your blog the best?
Take Massive Action!

The System that delivers the best blog sites, hands down

I have experimented with a few systems and the best system hands down is the system I am using right here on my blog, the Level One  Network system.  Level One Network is an internet marketing haven.  You will not only have your own blog set up for you immediately, you will personally share in the traffic, you will have your own YouTube optimized video network .  You may opt to have your own  gateway page network and your own professional pdf creator.  The owner himself is a successful online marketer.  What he is teaches how to get to #1 on Google.  He will walk you through how he creates his very own best blog sites without the additional cost of advertising on line.  Follow this system and you will ultimately succeed in the 3 Cs of online marketing.

Level One Network teaches how to Make it to #1 on Google and:


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Best Blog Sites


10 ways to promote your blog

  1. Add it on your Facebook personal page, business pages, and groups.
  2. Create a Pinterest board specifically for all your blog posts, and pin each one.
  3. Schedule it on Twitter 2-3 times/day for the next 30 days.
  4. Share publicly with your Google+ circles.; get added SEO benefits with this.
  5. Share your blog on your LinkedIn profile and all the groups you belong to .
  6. Submit each post to
  7. Stumble your posts on
  8. The popular bookmark site is a must.
  9. Submit your post to
  10. Last but not least, Technorati

Are you ready to get started in creating the best blog sites?  Check back often as I will have more tips and tricks regularly.  Better yet, subscribe to my RSS Feed.

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Look at all you get!

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Have the Best Blog Sites Using Level One Network

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SPN – Tech, Social Media & Search Engine News

How to Make Extra Money from Home- Get Help, Not Hype

Learn How to Make Extra Money from Home

Everyone wants to learn how to make extra money from home and have extra time.

Are you out of work, or needing a new job? You know what j.o.b. stands for, right?
Just. Over. Broke. Lots of people would like to fire their boss.  If this is you, keep reading to the end of this and you can learn how to find what is right for you and get started today.

There are a number of people-affiliate marketers– who sell ‘stuff’ on the internet. That’s one of the first things to learn when seeking out how to make extra money from home.
Making money online sounds good… but where do you start?  Would you like to learn affiliate marketing? Find out what companies are most reliable and honest, and which items sell the best.

There is a good system and there are tools you can use to  learn affiliate marketing.  Maybe your goal is to be an eBay Power Seller. You can learn how to make extra money from home on Youtube.  With all of the many options and questions, I’m going to help you decide what’s the best avenue for you.  There are pros and cons to everything we do, every day.  There is a simple way to help choose the best direction for you. It’s called The ‘Ben Franklin Test’.

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The ‘Ben Franklin’ on How to Make Extra Money from Home

This is a no-brainer. Draw a vertical line down a piece of paper or word doc. so you have two rows, or columns.  Column A will be for your Pros and then Column B for the Cons.  Remember this is about how to make extra money from home and continue to make more money!  Ask yourself things like what the types of internet marketing company or online store may have  products you would like to sell. The amount of commission they pay could be one of your Pros and Cons. What could earn you the extra money quicker?   You must choose your foundation to learn affiliate marketing. Who is going to teach you how to make extra money from home?  What is the integrity and success rate of the person or program offering to teach you how to market online?  Compare how much money and time will it take to learn affiliate marketing with each company.  List your hobbies, expertise and passions.  Are you getting the idea?  When you finish, you will begin to know where and how to make extra money from home on the internet. The program, person and product(s) with the most amount of Pros is your pick. Simple! the Ben Franklin Test.

Now follow your gut-“this is what ‘feels’ right”.  Then dig a little deeper and ask things like – do you really feel like talking to people, or would you want to work on line and not talk.  Are you a leader by nature? Do you want to lead?  Is your desk a mess or are you organized? Do you follow instructions and details?  Do you want to know how to make extra money from home on a computer instead of the phone?   Research the reputation of the head of the company you are considering.


How to make extra money from home with affiliate marketing

how to make extra money from home with affiliate programsYou can do this! I did.  I too wanted to make extra money and work from home.  I wanted extra time to have fun, travel, enjoy my life.  I was determined to make money blogging.  I write about what I like and share it with others. I learned how to locate hot reputable products in any market and learned how to write about it.  I did all of this without  paying  for advertising! I did it by following Dan Miller’s master course in how to learn affiliate marketing for any industry.  I used the Level One Network.  It provides me with a proven formula to success. It  furnishes a pre-made blog, optimized for traffic ranking.  I had no clue how to make a blog.  Plus it’s set it up to be found at the top of Google in record time!  Dan shared his road map to success with me. He is paying it forward and now I am offering it to you.

I was able to learn affiliate marketing the honest way, no fluff, no hype. Thank you Level One and Dan Miller!

Learn Affiliate Marketing and How to Make Extra Money  From Home Blogging

learn affiliate marketing

How to make extra money from home with youtube

What is the bigger picture?

In my humble opinion the pay-off  is not necessarily in the money we make, but in the personal satisfaction knowing we  help other people just like us along the road.  Is the avenue you’re taking  going to be with integrity?  Have you thought about how to make extra money from home  for a good cause? For the last nine years I’ve been sharing a terrific weight loss system and health products that are results driven.  Some even say it has changed their lives. I get voice mails and emails from folks all the time who thank me, and even share tears of joy.  Is this type of personal reward something you want to feel?

Purpose. Passion. Fun.

Is this in alignment with who you are?  This is something only you know.  Be true and honest with yourself,  find your passion and follow your heart. Always maintain your integrity.  Your success will reflect these qualities, this I promise you.

I hope that you find all of this useful and it helps you to figure out how to make extra money from home.  I had to make these same decisions. I hope that the questions gave you food for thought. I’m a successful affiliate marketer now and I love it, thanks to Dan Miller and Level One Network. I’m still helping others reach and maintain their weight loss goals and continue a healthy lifestyle .

Feel free to contact me with any questions about social media or about weight loss and nutrition.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

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Our Pressroom on PRLog

Genetically Modified Foods – Understanding the dangers

Genetically Modified Foods
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Genetically modified foods

Know Your GMOs!  aka Genetically Modified Foods

The Ugly: I’m going to begin and end with the ugly, because that is what genetically modified foods are. (IMHO)  Please read this entire article, facts you should know. Let me give you the ‘reader’s digest’ version of the Ugly about genetically modified foods. GMOs are slowly making us sick and yes- killing us.  Below I have posted a documentary that will give you the full picture.  Essentially, GMO seeds are infused with poison (the same poison as in Round-up, the terrific stuff that kills weeds dead).  When a bug eats corn for instance, the bug eats the corn and his stomach explodes and it dies. WE ARE EATING the SAME CORN.  The Cows the You EAT are being Fed the same GMO- Poisoned- corn. Get the picture?? You may have heard the term ‘Round-up Corn‘. Now you know what it is.

The ‘Good’: GMO is short for Genetically Modified Organisms.  Genetically modified foods is what we are talking about here today. A GMO plant has been genetically altered and is most often found in crops such as corn, soybeans, cotton and canola.  The plants are modified using genetic engineering techniques. The main purpose for this is to resist herbicides.  The benefit is for farmers,  for less work so more crops can be harvested. There is Nothing ‘Good’ to those of us eating these foods. The Bad: One major problem with GMOs is that once planted, they run the risk of contaminating other crops planted nearby.  This is called ‘Genetic Pollution’. Up to 80% of organic farmers in the Midwest (where there are millions of acres of GM corn and soybean crops)  reported genetically modified foods planted in the area bring GMOs to fields where they are not wanted.  Winds and water runoff are full of seeds and easily plant themselves into their organic farmland and produce unwanted genetically modified food plants.  Often the farmers don’t know this has happened.

More Bad: Congress gave the FDA the authority to regulate non-meat foods.  Meat safety is at USDA.  FDA and USDA are not going to be combined into a new food safety agency. FDA has too much to do with too little money and it faces budget cuts unless Congress fixes things.   The FDA addressed the outcry by folks for labeling. FDA does not label, unless mandated by Congress (like the Nutrition Facts)  for information that they think  important to the public to know. As for GMOs, the FDA ruled that there was no scientific difference between GMO and non-GMO foods. Therefore, there was no need for labeling. You can argue the facts, you can argue the law, but the Courts have upheld FDA’s ability to make these decisions.  Is public comment rule-making perfect?  No. Does everyone have a right to be heard? Yes.  Does everyone agree with FDA? Never, but life goes on and the agency regulates, too much for some, too little for others .  Should we be mad as hell?  You bet we should. Read on- there’s hope! genetically modified foods

Genetically Modified Foods Labeling Program

From a recent NY Times article: ‘Genetic Changes to Food May Get Uniform Labeling’.   Executives from Pepsi-Co  Con-Agra and about 20 other major food companies, as well as Wal-Mart and advocacy groups that favor labeling, attended a meeting in January in Washington.  The results have brought about actions  in Washington State, Connecticut, Vermont, New Mexico and Missouri, and a growing consumer boycott of some organic or “natural” brands owned by major food companies.  Roughly 20 states are considering labeling requirements. Regardless of any legal *requirement*,  if a consumer wants to know the origin of their food, they should not have to fight for the info.  If Stevie Wonder decides he wants to wear blue, but his assistant thinks it doesn’t matter since he can’t see the difference anyway, doesn’t Mr. Wonder still have the right to be dressed in the color of his choice? Go to the website below, watch the info and sign the petition. The Ugly. The VERY Ugly. As it stands right now there is not enough NON Genetically modified foods to feed the nation.  Monsanto’s patent on seeds and their mafia tactics in taking out organic farmers would be responsible for not enough non-GMO supply, and they should be accountable for the crime of that. To learn the role that  Monsanto has in all of this genetically modified foods subject,  please visit Never-Before-Seen-Evidence points to genetically engineered foods as a major contributor to rising disease rates in the US population, especially among children. Gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, inflammatory diseases, and infertility are just some of the problems implicated in humans, pets, livestock, and lab animals that eat genetically modified soybeans and corn.

Purchase the Movie here.
Share it with your friends.

genetically modified foods

Knowledge is power and in this case will make you healthy.


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If you like what you are reading please visit often or subscribe to my RSS feed- don’t miss one article! It’s my passion to share knowledge about health, nutrition and weight loss.  If you would like to blog about your passion and learn how you can make money doing so, take a look at the opportunity at hand >>>> GMO Food Controversy  

Facebook Sucks Sometimes – How to make it suck less

Raise your hand if you think
using Facebook sucks sometimes!

facebook sucks sometimes

Ok. Put your hands down!!
But it’s true. Facebook sucks sometimes.

One way that Facebook sucks and how to fix it

Here’s one problem we all face — and a tool I use to solve this problem and make the way Facebook sucks a little less. By the way, I spend at least 8 hours a day on Facebook.

Problem 1: News Feed pollution

The number one thing for me why Facebook sucks is seeing my friends post a gazillion times about the same topic when the topic is hot or trending.

This is especially true when it comes to politics. (or Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian!!)

This past election season was taxing from seeing political posts.  Pardon the pun. 🙂 My news feed was filled with ‘litter’.

I had a choice to make. I could either hide those friends or pages from my news feed, or I could unfriend them.  No way! You’re my friends!! and then I’d miss out on all the good stuff you post — stuff that’s not political.

The Solution

There is a terrific extension for Chrome called No Politics Please and it completely radically changed my News Feed.

The plugin allows me to easily block any word related to the election and politics— so my News Feed was more focused on things I wanted to interact with.

So from the summer of 2012 until after the election I used this extension to block words such as Obama, President, Romney, Ron Paul, election, White House, etc.

Any time a friend or a page posted an update with one of these words in it, the extension hid the update from my News Feed.  Remarkable! This totally made my time on Facebook more pleasurable and made me 1,000 times more productive.

But, here’s the best part… you don’t to use it only for politics.  I used it last week to block another hot topic that was polluting my news feed — and it immediately removed all of that goofy content. Now Facebook sucks less!

Watch as my friend Scott shows you the extension in action:

Facebook sucks with privacy issues

Facebook Graph Search  will be activated to every member at any moment now.

People were already ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ the very things that will land them in the search results – and your history never goes away. Facebook has created a way to organize that info and spit it back out to, well… everyone you know (or even just kinda know).

I suggest that you visit Facebook’s Graph Search help pages and educate yourself about your privacy settings.If you like what you are reading please visit often or subscribe to my RSS feed- don’t miss one article! It’s my passion to share knowledge about health, nutrition and weight loss.  If you would like to blog about your passion and learn how you can make money doing so, take a look at the opportunity at hand >>>>

GMO Food Controversy 

The Domain Authority Factor and How to Achieve It

What is Domain Authority?

 Domain authority is a measure of power

Domain authority is domain trust. Let’s examine domain authority and how you can use it to your own benefit.  What makes it so difficult for a new site to rank and why are some sites getting to the top of search engines faster?

Authority is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority determines how high a site will be found in search engine results. The search engines want to give users trusted websites.

One factor of domain authority is time. Websites gain authority by ‘doing the right thing’ themselves for a fair amount of time, by having other links point to their site for a longer time, and having other good authority sites linking back to them.

New websites should try and collect authority as soon as they possibly can.  They should begin to acquire links as soon as the new website has gone live.  The  links have to mature over a few months before gaining their full effect.

If you use black hat SEO techniques or if your site gets a lot of  links from spam networks, your authority can be lost. This is a huge negative  affect on domain authority.  It will take some time to regain your authority if you fool around with these tactics.

We host one of the internet’s largest content networks for bloggers and affiliate marketers. We offer world class master training, business and marketing training from a man who walks his talk . Get results with what Dan Miller teaches.  When you blog with our domain you will be able rank your blog to the top of Google and other search engines faster.

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SearchEngineWatch has come up a checklist that I recommend you follow, called the RAT checklist.

The RAT Checklist

Good links will have RAT, which boils down to:

  • Relevance: From anchor text to incoming links of the website that links to you, they should all influence link relevance.
  • Authority: Keep reading this article for examples for this topic.
  • Transfer: Link value that’s passed from page to page by links that are able to be followed.

Gaining domain authority takes knowledge, time and effort to achieve.  This master training series is what I used to get my site – this blog – to #1 on Google within two weeks from my post.  Here is everything you need to bring your site the ranking it deserves.

learn affiliate marketing

How YOU Can Gain Domain Authority Quickly

Domain authority fast

Domain Authority is Based on 3 Factors:

Domain age symbolizes trust because it proves to the search engines that the website has been around a long time. If you’ve owned the domain name and increased traffic to that url over time, the search engines decide that it must be a trusted source.

Domain popularity is measured to some extent by the number of quality inbound links the domain has. This indicates the website has useful information worth reading. Blogs, press releases, article marketing, and social media help build inbound links and increase traffic.

Size matters ! 🙂 A bigger website adds to its authority. The number of pages that are on a domain equates with the amount inbound links. A larger website with relevant content on each page will have more inbound links than a smaller site.
Authority will affect an entire domain name.

Examples of  Authority

Domain authority in Google’s eyes is domain trust, and best found by doing a generic search.

You might think googling for ‘www’ shows or guides to the web, but it pulls up sites that have been around for some time. They have really good links to them, and mainly link to each other. No spam-type moves, and mostly well-known names.

You might find things like big companies in telecom, universities, big media companies, charities. Or maybe search engines, social media sites and big online sales platforms. A gamut of sites you might call an authority in real life.

Gaining Domain Authority

If you get a link on any authority domain, it rubs some of its authority onto your domain. You can shorten the time to gain authority by receiving links from authority sites, especially if that domain barely links out.

If big company changes its name or merges and transfers to a new domain name you would think they would have to start out from the bottom. Google transfers authority through a redirect. If you want to increase a new site, consider buying an existing ranking domain.  These are available for purchase every day.

The more authority your domain has, the more damage it can sustain. Spam-type actions negatively affect domain authority, so keep away from them at all costs.

Why is domain authority important?

Domain authority  is important because it will help new sites –including blog posts-get indexed faster and have a better chance of ranking higher in organic search results.
If you want new pieces of content to rank highly on Google you must continually build domain trust and authority.

So now you know about domain authority and a few of the factors that go into gaining your site’s rankings.  Gaining domain authority takes time and effort to achieve.  Here is what I have found to get my site – this blog – to #1 on Google within two weeks from my post.

learn affiliate marketing

How to make extra money from home with youtube

We host one of the internet’s largest content networks for bloggers and affiliate marketers. We offer world class master training, business and marketing training from a man who walks his talk . Get results with what Dan Miller teaches.  When you blog with our domain you will be able rank your blog to the top of Google and other search engines faster.

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How to Get a Good Bounce Rate

 Many thanks to Peter van der Graaf and searchenginewatch for their contribution to this article.

Is a Good Bounce Rate Important?

Looking For a Good Bounce Rate?

Good Bounce RateI’d like to show you how to know if you need to optimize and lower the bounce rate, and get a good bounce rate to increase conversions. There’s nothing wrong with aiming for a perfect bounce rate score of 0%, but remember that you’ll always have bounced traffic for several reasons.  Maybe they didn’t want what your product was after all, or they simple clicked on the wrong page by mistake.

A good bounce rate should be somewhere between 0% to 20%. Having a 50% bounce rate means that 1 out of 2 people are leaving your site with no conversion, but with a good bounce rate of 20%, only 1 in 5 people leave your site without filling a form or completing a conversion.  You’ve got to stay within the ideal bounce rate to get the most conversions from your site’s traffic.

How a Good Bounce Rate Affects Conversions

If it’s not a good bounce rate or your bounce rate is too high, then your landing page is likely not important to your  reader, and sales/conversions will most likely be low.  You want visitors to stay long enough to read about your products/services before clicking another page or leaving your site altogether.  The longer they stay on your site, the more likely they are to act on your call to action.

 Tracking For a Good Bounce Rate

Good Bounce Rate is 20%To know whether you need to optimize your bounce rate, you need to set your analytics  to make your tracking  more accurate.  Set the ‘engagement report’ in Google Analytics to the last four months.  Then apply  ‘visits with conversions’.   That’s where you see where most sales happen on your site.  This is the shortest amount of time it takes your visitors to profitably connect with your site. You need these numbers to modify your site’s bounce rate.

Reducing The Bounce Rate

Check the layout of your website.
Make sure all the pages of your site contain a call to action.
Here’s a short check list:

  • A strong headline
  • An author section with your picture, short bio, and links to
    your social media profiles
  • Calls to action on every page
  • A section that features your most important post
  • Tags and comments

Have a natural flow to your content and pages, and be sure the call to action directs them clearly.   Fine-tune and change your content until you find a formula that that’s effective and lowers your bounce rate thereby increasing conversions.   Make your message clear, simple and honest – an easy read for you visitor.  If all else fails, get a professional to do it for you. 🙂