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Are you blogging for business?

blogging for business Learn how blogging for business can be the center of your entire marketing program and explode your residual income growth.  Not long ago Social Media Examiner interviewed Joe Pulizzi for their Social Marketing Podcast.  Joe shared his blogging story and how he grew his business. He discussed how blogs can grow your email list and how to expand your network.  Remember this:  content marketing.

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If you plan to be blogging for business, you’ll want to consistently give your visitors an interesting and relevant read. This would help you keep your current customers and gain new ones. Maybe you will create a new pattern of sales.  You may not directly sell from what you are writing that day, yet gain a loyal customer  from the relationship you are building by giving value to the reader from the content in your blog.

There is more than just the content, although content is king.  You want to solve the visitor’s problem or query, but you must be found first!

To reach the #1 rank on Google and other search engines, you must have an organized campaign in place for the niche you are writing about.
Learn more about this strategy and all the how-to’s with Level One Network‘s master training.

Find a niche, share your knowledge, solve their problem, relieve their ‘pain’.

Another reason why blogging for business is so critical today is that Marketing Sherpa‘s stats show that today, 60% of the buying/decision-making  is done without ever talking to a live person.  What does this means?  You must offer compelling content to the reader/prospect considering your product, or you are going to be left out of the decision-making process or sale.


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Why I Use Level One Network  when Blogging for Business

I have experimented with a few systems and the best way that I have found for ranking #1 on Google is the system called Level One  Network .  Level One Network is an internet marketers dream!  You will have your own blog set up for you immediately (I use my network blog and also write on Karenville), and you will personally share in the traffic on the network. You’ll also have your own optimized video network for YouTube.  You may also opt to add your own SEO Pro network and your own professional pdf maker.  The owner, Dan Miller, is a successful online marketer who is sharing with us  what he does to get to #1 on Google.  In his master’s training course, Dan will teach you how he creates his own best blog sites without the additional cost of advertising on line.  Follow this system and you will ultimately succeed in blogging for business or affiliate marketing of any kind on the internet.

The Roadmap to Ranking #1 on Google

Blogging for Business has never been easier



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Foods to Avoid for Losing Weight

Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat More of

Foods to Avoid

Okay I’ll give you the fast answer first, then please read on for more help.
Potato chips.  Believe it or not they had to do a study to figure that out.These addicting little guys are among the biggest culprits of causing weight gain. Most definitely one of the foods to avoid!

You already know your waistline is a direct result of how much food you eat. But what kind of foods are we talking about? and can we eat more of one thing to fill up and less of something else and still be full in the belly but not full in the butt? Compare the amount of fat calories found in a bag of potato chips to a bowl of vegetables.

The New England Journal of Medicine documented foods to find the ones that would make you gain more weight.  The foods to avoid, of course.  In the study they took weight and measured participants every four years. They did that for a 20 years, so five times.  They averaged a  weight gain of 16.8 pounds at the end of the 4 years.  Whaaat?  That’s like 84 lbs in 20 years.

Foods To Avoid

These are the worst of the foods in the study that contributed to the weight gain:

  • French fries contributed to the most amount of added pounds
  • Potato chips
  • Sugar – do I really need to say it? and that includes sodas and sugary drinks
  • Processed lunch meats and hot dogs
  • Steaks, burgers and fatty red meat- always buy lean and cut off excess fat

Foods to Eat More Of

So not that these foods will cause you to lose weight, but they will fill you up and have the best nutritional values:

  • Vegetables – Eat fresh or frozen, never canned, and choose the green leafy kind. Make kale chips instead of Lays.
  • Whey Protein– The best tasting and bast for you shake is at the bottom of this page!
  • Fresh and colorful Fruits
  • Greek yogurt, and get the plain stuff add your own fruit and stevia. Also has many uses in recipes!
  • Water!

Too much time in front of the TV, too many hours at the computer or playing games and sleeping less or more than 8 hours per  can all add to additional weight gain.  You’ve heard it time and time again..eating a poor diet with no exercise leads to weight gain.
Being aware of which foods to avoid, like any soda and all processed fatty lunch meats can help put an end to weight gain. and no more chips!

Make the time, make the effort to move your body 30 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week and stretch! Choose nutrient dense low calorie foods and you can stay healthier longer.

This organic whey protein shake is perfect for fat burning and maintaining muscle .

This undenatured whey protein shake is  from  New Zealand grass-fed cows.
The absolute best tasting whey protein is IsaPro.
You can purchase this amazing product in natural vanilla. Add fresh fruit if you like!

undenatured whey protein isolate




Source:  N Engl J Med 2011; 364(25): 2392-404. Changes in Diet and Lifestyle and Long-Term Weight Gain in Women and Men.

Undenatured Whey Protein vs Soy

Undenatured Whey Protein vs  Soy

Undenatured whey protein

How is undenatured whey protein better than soy?

Protein quality and quantity are important in the pursuit for long-term quality of life. Undenatured whey protein is the optimal protein for adults. Whey’s ability for muscle retention is much better than soy (and other protein sources).  Undenatured whey protein is superior for stimulating muscle and for muscle retention.

Muscle is necessary for movement, strength and action. Time taxes our bodies our  muscle mass.  With the combination of less energy and less physical activity, we see the connection between aging and a loss in muscle.

*A 2012 study shows that yes, soy is a good quality protein, but whey is far better for repairing and building muscle. Undenatured whey protein is high in leucine, which stimulates muscle growth, and with all of the other essential amino acids in whey protein, it the rate for protein growth in our body increases.

Adults should  have undenatured whey protein throughout the day

Typically young adults need 20 grams of protein to promote muscle growth.  Mature adults need more protein, twice as much, to accomplish the same growth.  So a younger person requires 20 grams of undenatured whey protein per meal and 40 grams per meal for an older adult.  We usually don’t spread out our protein consumption equally during the day. Typically it’s maybe 6 grams protein at breakfast, 12-15 grams at lunch, and a whopping 60 grams at dinner; not such a good idea if you want to keep the muscle you’ve got.

This video explains in greater detail about undenatured whey protein and its benefits.


The best protein for all the reasons I stated above is undenatured whey protein isolate from New Zealand grass-fed cattle.  The best source with the absolute best tasting shake by far is IsaPro from Isagenix International.
Organic, gluten-free and contains a full essential amino acids profile.

You can purchase this amazing product in natural vanilla right here. 

undenatured whey protein isolate


If you like what you are reading please visit often or subscribe to my RSS feed– don’t miss one article! It’s my passion to share knowledge about health, nutrition and weight loss.  If you would like to blog about your passion and learn how you can make money doing so, take a look at the opportunity at hand >>>>

GMO Food Controversy


*Burd NA, Yang Y, Moore DR, Tang JE, Tarnopolsky MA and Phillips SM. Br J Nutr 1-5, 2012.

Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate… Top O’ The Whey

Got Whey?
Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate, That is.

undenatured whey protein isollate

Undenatured whey protein isolate or denatured whey protein?

There is undenatured whey protein isolate and denatured whey. Let’s start first with whey protein in general. This is the protein that has been separated from whey. Whey is the liquid that is left behind after the solids have been removed from cow or bovine milk.

Whey protein is an excellent source of dietary protein, and is very effective in building muscle for athletic nutrition, or for anyone who would like to reduce their body fat. But all protein supplements are not created equal.

We have all seen Muscle Milk, or designer whey. You can find a variety of these whey powders at any grocery or health food store.  These are very popular  for protein shakes and drinks. Often they are in huge drums, and pretty cheap. This type of whey protein is classified as denatured. 

What does denatured mean?
It means that the whey protein has been processed at a high temperature, usually above 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This process is also known as pasteurization. It has been cooked at a high temperature to ensure that all bacterias that may harm you have been killed. Unfortunately many essential amino acids are destroyed as well. Ever wonder why the milk you buy at the store needs to be’fortified’? Because they cooked out all the goodness!

What does undenatured mean?

It is protein from whey that has not been pasteurized, but processed at a lower temperature in order to preserve the amino acids that are destroyed by high heat. An undenatured whey protein contains a higher amount of essential amino acids.  A huge reason to use undenatured whey protein isolate.

 What Does Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate Do For Us?

Undenatured whey protein isolate will raise glutathione!

undenatured whey protein isolate
Whey protein contains three specific proteins that are very high in essential amino acids that are missing from our diet today. One of these is cystine, which  is found in raw meat, raw eggs, and raw cow’s milk.  Once you cook these three foods, the cystine is destroyed by heat. We don’t eat these foods in raw form, so have a need to find a good source of this amino acid.

You may or may not have heard about glutathione before. But you have heard of antioxidants, right?  Why do we need them?

Very simply, you have oxidative stress going on in your body all the time, and antioxidants fight that stress. Keeping antioxidants in your body is key to your overall health. Experts say that glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidant.
Undenatured whey protein isolate will raise glutathione!

What happens when your body doesn’t make its own glutathione? Without it, your liver would fail from accumulation of toxins, your cells would die from oxidative stress, and your immune system would be subject to viruses and disease.
So, if you didn’t have glutathione, you wouldn’t last long.

Glutathione has hundreds of functions in the body. Here are the 5 main benefits.

  1. It is your body’s own master antioxidant.
  2. It is an immune system booster.
  3. It aids in removal of toxins, pollutants, chemicals, etc.
  4. It gives you energy
  5. It has an Anti-Aging Effect on your cells.

So there you have it. Which ‘whey’ do you turn? Turn to undenatured whey protein isolate!

The best whey protein based on all of this information

The best protein for all the reasons stated above is undenatured whey protein isolate from grass-fed cows from New Zealand.  The best resource with hands down the absolute best tasting whey protein is IsaPro.
You can purchase this amazing product in natural vanilla.

              undenatured whey protein isolate

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GMO Food Controversy

The Domain Authority Factor and How to Achieve It

What is Domain Authority?

 Domain authority is a measure of power

Domain authority is domain trust. Let’s examine domain authority and how you can use it to your own benefit.  What makes it so difficult for a new site to rank and why are some sites getting to the top of search engines faster?

Authority is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority determines how high a site will be found in search engine results. The search engines want to give users trusted websites.

One factor of domain authority is time. Websites gain authority by ‘doing the right thing’ themselves for a fair amount of time, by having other links point to their site for a longer time, and having other good authority sites linking back to them.

New websites should try and collect authority as soon as they possibly can.  They should begin to acquire links as soon as the new website has gone live.  The  links have to mature over a few months before gaining their full effect.

If you use black hat SEO techniques or if your site gets a lot of  links from spam networks, your authority can be lost. This is a huge negative  affect on domain authority.  It will take some time to regain your authority if you fool around with these tactics.

We host one of the internet’s largest content networks for bloggers and affiliate marketers. We offer world class master training, business and marketing training from a man who walks his talk . Get results with what Dan Miller teaches.  When you blog with our domain you will be able rank your blog to the top of Google and other search engines faster.

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SearchEngineWatch has come up a checklist that I recommend you follow, called the RAT checklist.

The RAT Checklist

Good links will have RAT, which boils down to:

  • Relevance: From anchor text to incoming links of the website that links to you, they should all influence link relevance.
  • Authority: Keep reading this article for examples for this topic.
  • Transfer: Link value that’s passed from page to page by links that are able to be followed.

Gaining domain authority takes knowledge, time and effort to achieve.  This master training series is what I used to get my site – this blog – to #1 on Google within two weeks from my post.  Here is everything you need to bring your site the ranking it deserves.

learn affiliate marketing

How YOU Can Gain Domain Authority Quickly

Domain authority fast

Domain Authority is Based on 3 Factors:

Domain age symbolizes trust because it proves to the search engines that the website has been around a long time. If you’ve owned the domain name and increased traffic to that url over time, the search engines decide that it must be a trusted source.

Domain popularity is measured to some extent by the number of quality inbound links the domain has. This indicates the website has useful information worth reading. Blogs, press releases, article marketing, and social media help build inbound links and increase traffic.

Size matters ! 🙂 A bigger website adds to its authority. The number of pages that are on a domain equates with the amount inbound links. A larger website with relevant content on each page will have more inbound links than a smaller site.
Authority will affect an entire domain name.

Examples of  Authority

Domain authority in Google’s eyes is domain trust, and best found by doing a generic search.

You might think googling for ‘www’ shows or guides to the web, but it pulls up sites that have been around for some time. They have really good links to them, and mainly link to each other. No spam-type moves, and mostly well-known names.

You might find things like big companies in telecom, universities, big media companies, charities. Or maybe search engines, social media sites and big online sales platforms. A gamut of sites you might call an authority in real life.

Gaining Domain Authority

If you get a link on any authority domain, it rubs some of its authority onto your domain. You can shorten the time to gain authority by receiving links from authority sites, especially if that domain barely links out.

If big company changes its name or merges and transfers to a new domain name you would think they would have to start out from the bottom. Google transfers authority through a redirect. If you want to increase a new site, consider buying an existing ranking domain.  These are available for purchase every day.

The more authority your domain has, the more damage it can sustain. Spam-type actions negatively affect domain authority, so keep away from them at all costs.

Why is domain authority important?

Domain authority  is important because it will help new sites –including blog posts-get indexed faster and have a better chance of ranking higher in organic search results.
If you want new pieces of content to rank highly on Google you must continually build domain trust and authority.

So now you know about domain authority and a few of the factors that go into gaining your site’s rankings.  Gaining domain authority takes time and effort to achieve.  Here is what I have found to get my site – this blog – to #1 on Google within two weeks from my post.

learn affiliate marketing

How to make extra money from home with youtube

We host one of the internet’s largest content networks for bloggers and affiliate marketers. We offer world class master training, business and marketing training from a man who walks his talk . Get results with what Dan Miller teaches.  When you blog with our domain you will be able rank your blog to the top of Google and other search engines faster.

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 Many thanks to Peter van der Graaf and searchenginewatch for their contribution to this article.

Beat the Penguin! … Google Penguin

The Dreaded ‘Penguin Update’
Google penguin

Understanding the Google penguin update

It’s absolutely critical that you have an understanding of WHAT the Google penguin update is, what it’s trying to achieve and WHY it may be affecting you.

In the past, Google used the text of the links that pointed to a page to gain a better idea of what the page was about. For example if three different sites linked to a page and used the word ‘digital photography’ in their links, then there was a good chance that the page they linked to was about digital photography.

brand backlinks in google penguin

What this meant was that if you wanted your page to rank well for the phrase ‘digital
photography’ you could build links to your page that used the term ‘digital photography’ in your anchor text.

There were a number of legitimate ways to build these links including, guest blogging,
commenting on other people’s blogs, syndicating good quality articles, submitting press releases and building Web2.0 sites such as Squidoo lenses, and hub pages.  Over time the number of links pointing to your page using the anchor text ‘digital photography’increased and often your page was ranked higher in the search engine rankings as a result.

BUT with the introduction of the Google Penguin update Google has decreed that ANY form of link building is now a major offense and they are banishing your site into oblivion for creating backlinks, regardless of the quality of your content.  To understand what kind of link patterns can cause you to lose your rankings and traffic, we need to look at the three different categories of links that point to your site.

  • Brand Links
  • Target Links
  • Generic Links

One of the most important factors that appears to trigger the Penguin penalty is the ratio of these three link types.  If  over 50% of your link network is made up of ‘target links’ then there’s a good chance that you have been or will be hit by the Penguin penalty. On the other hand, if target links make up less than 30% of your link network then you are probably going to be safe for now.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist to beat the Google Penguin?

That’s what the Noble Samurai thought!punching Google penguin
The result is the ‘Beat The Penguin’ checklist, which you can download for free from the following address: BeatThePenguinChecklist

This is a checklist that contains the top 25 strategies and practical techniques from around the web that could help us positively influence the rankings of our websites, and beat the Google penguin!  So instead of spending HOURS plowing through the thousands of misleading and confusing articles online, you can now work through this step-by-step checklist.  Hope this helps you to get your website back on track!!

If you like what you are reading please visit often or subscribe to my RSS feed- don’t miss one article! It’s my passion to share knowledge about health, nutrition and weight loss.  If you would like to blog about your passion and learn how you can make money doing so, take a look at the opportunity at hand >>>>
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After Baby Weight Loss Success Stories

After Baby Weight Loss Success Stories
Oxygen Magazine Cover Model and more!

getting body back after baby

After baby weight loss success stories abound!

Oxygen Cover Model Gets Back Her Best Figure

Late 2012 Angelike Norrie’s world shifted in almost every sense.  She had a baby. Her father passed away from a sudden bout of cancer. She accepted a promotion and relocated to another state. Then Oxygen magazine called to see if Angelike could get into peak condition for the March 2013 cover- in just 4 weeks.  Thankfully, she knew preparing for another Oxygen cover would be easier this time around because she had Isagenix®. She knew she would be one of the after baby weight loss success stories and would encourage other women.

“Before having a child, I used to prep and carry my food everywhere. I was a ‘chew your food’ athlete and did too much cardio and weight training,” admits 34-year-old Angelike. “It was a difficult lifestyle to maintain and it was made even more impossible when you have to carry a diaper bag, a stroller and manage a full-time executive career. Isagenix changed my life. I trusted my Isagenix products,” continues Angelike, who started using Isagenix when her daughter Ella was six weeks old. “I honestly feel like the products did most of the work since my schedule was very unpredictable.” Angelike combined a consistent cardio and weight training program and included key products such as Ionix® SupremeWant More Energy?®, IsaPro® and IsaLean® Shakes. She skipped the boxed lunches in board meetings and on planes and opted for IsaLean Bars or an IsaLean Shake instead.

 After Baby Weight Loss Success Stories-
Second place winner in contest!After baby weight loss success stories- Lisa W

Lisa got paid to lose weight!
A year after giving birth to her fourth child, Lisa’s life spiraled out her control. She was unhappy with her appearance, unable to lose the extra baby weight, and beyond exhausted. She knew something had to change.

Starting with a 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, Lisa began her life-changing transformation and added her name to the after baby weight loss success stories. Two weeks into her workout, Lisa felt like a whole new person.  Her quick, six-month transformation flabbergasted her trainer, who’s been in the field for 20 years. The best part? Her hard work paid off and she won second-place in the Women’s 36-49 Category for the 2011 IsaBody Challenge.

After pregnancy, weight loss is usually a top concern for new mothers. Enter Isagenix to the rescue! Hundreds of women have shared their after baby weight loss success stories of how they arrived at their pre-pregnancy weight in record time using Isagenix products.  Marilu Henner talks about Isagenix-

Lisa, Jill and Angelike  are only a few of the many emotional success stories that has happened as a result of the Isagenix program.  We have seen clients who have successfully lost as little as 20 lbs right up to 401 lbs.

If you like what you are reading please visit often or subscribe to my RSS feed– don’t miss one article! It’s my passion to share knowledge about health, nutrition and weight loss.  If you would like to blog about your passion and learn how you can make money doing so, take a look at the opportunity at hand >>>
health benefits of chia seeds

Isagenix is about changing your life, not just after baby weight loss success stories.

WARNING: You may need a tissue for the following video. The people in the video below are my personal friends.  REAL PEOPLE, REAL RESULTS.
Who do you know that would like to ‘get their life back’?



*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of seven pounds during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Understanding Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate

Understanding why is it the best- or not.


What makes undenatured whey protein isolate ‘undenatured’?

undenatured whey protein isolate
Whey protein is a fast-absorbing protein that has many health benefits, such as better muscle growth. Whey is a byproduct of the cheese-making process, has the highest biological value of any protein.  It is quickly absorbed into the body.

Undenatured whey protein isolate is a specific type of whey.

There are three main types of whey proteins on store shelves. The difference between the whey protein forms is the filtering process used.  Whey protein concentrates are the cheapest option.
Less expensive would be a better way to put it.  Same results as isolate, yet costs less $.


Thanks to recent molecular genetics, we now know that whey isolate (90 to 95 % protein) and high end whey concentrate (70 to 89% protein) produced identical results in increased muscle protein formation, and reduction of fat deposits.

After most of the fat and lactose is removed, the structure of the proteins is more important. The structure of the proteins depends on the quality of the milk.  Whey protein isolates are a bit more expensive but may have more protein per gram, yet the results with concentrate have proven to be identical.****

Whether whey protein is denatured or an undenatured whey protein isolate depends upon the process.

The processing methods of whey protein

Whey proteins become denatured due to exposure to extreme heat.  This high heat damages the integrity and amount of  vitamins, minerals and important compounds. The  manufacturing process of whey powders varies depending upon the type of whey protein being made.

Denatured and undenatured whey proteins are different and there are benefits to using the undenatured whey protein isolate. Since undenatured proteins have fewer steps in the process, and do not use the high heat method they lose fewer vitamins, minerals and contain a greater amount of bioactive compounds. Bioactive compounds can help cardiovascular health.

What does ‘isolate’ mean in undenatured whey protein isolate?

Whey isolates yield a higher percentage of pure protein and can be filtered enough to be virtually lactose free, carbohydrate free, fat free, and cholesterol free.

Sources for the cows that produce the milk for whey are the most important!

undenatured whey protein isolate

One more crucial element when choosing the right whey protein is the source of the cows that the milk comes from in the first place.  I will cover this more in depth at a later date, but for now I will tell you this- you want Organic whey, from grass-fed cows where there are no pesticides or herbicides used. Look for New Zealand cows as a source.



The best whey protein based on all of this information

The best protein for all the reasons stated above is undenatured whey protein isolate concentrate from grass-fed cows from New Zealand.

The best resource and with hands down, the absolute best tasting whey protein is IsaPro, undenatured whey protein concentrate.
You can purchase this amazing product in delicious creamy natural vanilla or meal replacement IsaLean Pro Shake. (below)

             undenatured whey protein isolate


Undenatured whey protein is extracted by cold-membrane filtration. It costs more, but it’s the only whey to go!

***Read an in-depth review of the Isagenix shake by Dr. Michael Colgan here at IsagenixHealth.

Dr. Colgan is a world-renowned research scientist and a leading expert in anti-aging. He has provided nutrition, training and anti-aging programs to more than 11,000 athletes, including many Olympians. He is director of  the Colgan Institute, a research facility specializing in nutrition and exercise on athletic performance, along with prevention of chronic degenerative disease, and prevention of degeneration of the brain.
*Note: Although the majority of Isagenix IsaLean Shake protein comes from undenatured whey protein, there is some undenatured milk casein included because studies show it helps you feel full, and maintains blood sugar levels.
For more information about whey and casein studies, click here.

** Isagenix only uses undenatured whey protein at 80 percent or more protein containing very low amounts of lactose.

***Isagenix only sources dairy proteins from cows that are pasture fed in New Zealand.


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References: University of Illinois McKinley Health Center.


safe-secure-checkout 100 percent guaranteeSecure-Checkout

Prejudice- Will it Ever End?


prej·u·dice  /ˈprejədəs/

Preconceived opinion not based on reason or experience. 

What would Martin Luther King, Jr. say about prejudice today?

Prejudice can end

This morning was a thoughtful one for me.  Mornings are my ‘best’ time.  I was reminded of the prejudice in this country. January 21, 2013 was the swearing-in ceremony of the 44th President of the United States, Barak Obama. The 57th Presidential Inauguration.

Today is also Martin Luther King Day, the national holiday to recognize the birthday and life of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Who by the way was born neither Martin nor Luther.  He was born Michael King in Atlanta on January 15 1929. The Rev. King changed his own name to Martin Luther King in honor of the Protestant reformer.  The rest as they say, is history.

I like to think that today was a birthday gift to MLK, Jr..  That’s how I feel.
The second presidential term for a black man in this United States of America!
And knowing the hearts of a few close dear friends who happen to be black, I hope this day gives all African Americans a feeling that none of the struggles throughout US history have been in vain, but instead that part of a dream has come true.

Grateful I Never Personally Knew Prejudice

I grew up in a small town- Amityville, Long Island, New York.  I did not grow up with prejudice.  I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been in a school district where the  ratio was about 60% black students to 40% white students.
My best friend in first grade was Sherry Hines, “a little colored girl”,  my daddy would say.  We were young and we were learning together, and we never learned how to hate. Fast forward about 35 years and my friends from High School are all on Facebook together, reminiscing the good times.  I say ‘all’… black and white friends, without prejudice. We have celebrated winning football seasons together, cried for the loss of classmates together.  And we have differed in political opinions- together, without prejudice.

I live in Texas now. The South.  Oh yeah, different world than the North.  I spent one Thanksgiving in a town where they still use the ‘N’ word like ‘please pass the salt’.  True ignorance in every sense of the word, IMHO.  Some are haters, yes. They were taught to hate from generations before them and never evolved.  (As is true for some African-Americans.)  When I hear the reality of not only slavery, but the cruelty that was happening to blacks not long ago, right down the road, I am appalled.
I never knew.

The Human Body Knows No Prejudice

Think about this-  When a patient is brought into the OR and the surgeon makes that first cut, the blood is the same color, no matter what the color of the skin.  Internal organs look and function the same.  The heart beats the same.

Will Today’s  Inauguration Bring us Closer to an End of Prejudice in America?

Today’s inauguration kicked off a year of important commemorations that propelled the struggle for equal rights forward: the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation and 50 years since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and black activist Medgar Evers.

Are we any closer to peace within the USA?

 “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Stop prejudice today. God Bless us one and all.