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Eating cookies and losing weight is the ultimate dream-come-true diet. There are two popular cookie diets. The Smart for Life Cookie Diet® offers 30 medically staffed weight loss clinics in the United States and Canada. Dr. Siegal’s ‘cookie diet’ sells proprietary cookies said to contain ‘secret’ amino acids that curb your hunger and help you stick to the diet.
Eat Cookies, Lose Weight! It’s that Simple!

The concept that helps you be Smart for Life

The Smart for Life cookie diet and Dr. Siegal’s diet are meal-replacement diets where healthy cookies replace two meals per day. You do get to eat a fresh healthy dinner including a variety of  fruits and veges. Lose weight with 60% Organic and Natural Smart for Life Cookies There are also vitamin supplements and shakes available to buy as well, like with other diet programs.


Smart for Life was founded by a Certified Bariatric Medical Doctor- Dr Sasson Moulavi, aka ‘Dr. Sass.’  Dr. Sass says that eating the 100-calorie smart cookie will fill you up, and that your body will then use 200 calories from your fat cells. You see, the body is “smart” … ergo the ‘Smart Cookie’.  Get it? 🙂 Cupcakes, Bars, Shakes, Soups! Of course we have to pay for the Smart For Life Cookies, but it’s pretty much an exchange for the average cost of around $10 a day that most people spend (often even more) just on lunch and snack foods.

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The Cookie Diet

Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet has three medical centers in Florida. It claims to have a “secret amino acid blend” that gives their cookies an edge as far as helping you to not be hungry.  The secret ingredients of Dr. Siegal’s cookies are  not known, but it is reported that the cookies have low glycemic ingredients like oatmeal and whole meal flour. His cookies are 90 calories each, and you are can have up to six cookies a day.

Pros and Cons of cookie diets

The Smart For Life Cookie Diet is convenient and very affordable, especially with their package deals of the week.  If you don’t like to cook or count calories this can really help you to stick to a diet. Plus you are still getting a treat and not depriving yourself  because you can eat cookies all day! Both the Smart For Life Cookie and the cookie diet cookies are easy to order online.  Get them right here and take advantage of the special deals of the week!  Dr. Siegal’s diet cookie has a very low caloric content. The recommended six cookies a day plus very light dinner add up to about only 800 calories, which is about half of what most people need. The Mayo Clinic says our metabolism is reduced on a starvation diet. That could lead to rebounding, regaining weight after you start to eat regularly again.

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Smart for Life 42 Day Variety Program
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