Another New Facebook News Feed

Coming Soon: New Facebook News Feed


new facebook news feed


Another New Facebook News Feed? You betcha

On March 7, 2013 Facebook announced that they’ll  have another ‘new Facebook news feed’.  Zuckerberg changed it a few years ago, last year they added the live ticker.  Totally redesigned this time, it definitely is a new Facebook news feed.

Pay attention to the photos you post in the new Facebook news feed…be sure and:

  1. Make you page look fabulous. Keep it fresh, change the cover photo from time to time.
  2. Make the photos you post stand out from the average Joe.
  3. Promote the heck outta your very best photos- Encourage people to like them.

A ‘Spring Cleaning’ for the new Facebook news feed, says Facebook

Sneak a peek- at what the new Facebook news feed will look like.


With the new Facebook graph search soon to be released and the new Facebook news feed, Hubspot has created a terrific document to help with your content strategy.  Download the pdf right here.

Experts have commented that Facebook is making it more Linked In, even an Instagram knock-off… here are a couple quotes:

“YESSSSSSSS!!!! Best news for businesses about the new News Feed? There is a “Following” filter which will display ALL of the posts from PAGES you’ve liked and the public figures (PROFILES) you follow.” ~ Mari Smith

“I like the new changes to Facebook announced today.” ~ Robert Scoble

One thing is certain-it will be crucial to post relevant, attention grabbing, and sharable content.

What say you? I want to know your opinion so leave a comment!


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new facebook news feed

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