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Karen Brand Roy

It Takes a Village

Hello and thanks for visiting Karenville!  I’m Karen Brand Roy and I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and grow with me as I ‘share it forward’ and teach you about the things I love most- Nutrition, health and SEO. Hold on for the ride!

I do enjoy a good laugh, and I don’t mind laughing at myself. You will also notice that sarcasm is one more thing I have to offer. I have fun with my life and always strive to find the humor in things; if not right away eventually I will have a laugh. Along with the humor I prefer to stay in a state of gratitude and also look for the lessons I should learn along this road that we call life.

So in the fashion of inserting some humor along with quotes from some of my favorite movies and songs… let’s begin: “I was born a poor black child”… (Steve Martin, from the movie ‘The Jerk’)

I grew up in a small village that most would have never heard of, but now you all know about Amityville, Long Island, NY. Yes THAT Amityville! (I will tell you more about all of that later.)

I’ve been married and I’ve been unmarried. I now prefer to have a dog for companionship. ‘Nuff said.

Throughout high school I cut phys-ed class…who woulda thunk that I would have become a gym rat in the 90s only to become an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer. I know, right? My studies in nutrition and health have paid off – I love what I do and do what I love. Not a lot of people can say that and mean it!  I’m not training folks any more… but I still get to help people with their health and fitness with my business from home and Karenville.  I am now able to also show you how to get ranked #1 on Google and other search engines, using an honest approach and proven method. So keep reading- find what you like and come back often!

As I add to this blog daily you will learn more about me and my background so hang with me and let’s have some fun! Visit here often- or subscribe to the right of this page.  Become a part of Karenville; it takes a village!  Connect with me on  .

So now I am going to show you what I found to be a great fit for me. I had the blessing of losing my j.o.b. 9 years ago and decided I would never work for anyone else again-no commuting, no one telling me when to jump or how high, giving them the best of me only to have the door hit me in the ‘fit and firm’ derriere on the way out as they say ‘we don’t need you any more’. I wanted to stay home with the dogs, play in my garden and my back yard… hey I’m disciplined, I can do this- but what the heck would I do?

My journey began in October of 2004, when I decided to transform my life…