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Blogging for business and Reaching #1 on Search Engines

Blogging for Business ~ 10 Commandments

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Blogging for business is very serious business.  If you adhere to the  following ‘commandments’, you will see positive results.  Each blog is important in its own way. Focus on being clear, to the point, stay on subject and keep it exciting .  Add humor to the mix if it is who you are. Be authentic!   It is a commitment not only to yourself, but to your audience and to the blog itself.

Be consistent, always sharing valuable content.  You want them to learn, develop, grow, from what you share.  If you have just started blogging for business you may be uncomfortable with it, maybe not knowing what to say at first.  It may feel like work in the beginning, but it will become enjoyable! Your efforts will pay off and you will be successful.

Include Videos When Blogging for Business

Businesses large and small can benefit from video blogging. A quality ‘vlog’ that’s updated regularly will increase your web presence and draw in conversions. Show customers how to use the products/services that you offer with how-to videos. You can create the videos in-house, outsource them, or find online videos that can be embedded into your blog.

To reach the #1 rank on Google and other search engines, you must have an organized campaign in place for the niche you are writing about.

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10 Commandments of Blogging for Business

1. Save the drama for your mama.  Don’t use your blog as a soapbox.

When blogging for business, don’t use your blog like a personal soundboard or journal. It should be used to share quality information and relevant, compelling information that can help others to solve their problems.

2. Use your own words

People share ideas and subjects but they shouldn’t share the same exact words. Your words, in the way that you feel them, is what makes you unique.  Your words is what will give you your own ‘style’ of writing. Take an idea or concept and own it.  If you do ‘adopt’ from other bloggers, give them credit where credit is due.

3. Visit your blog daily or at least twice a week.

We all have days when we don’t feel like blogging for business. You’ve got to honor the commitment that you’ve made to making your blog work. There will be times when it won’t be easy to feel inspired.  Take a moment to sit in a quiet room with no noise, relax.  My best thoughts come while doing something that I love to do.  Take a note pad or use your smart phone’s quick voice  app when a thought comes to you. In working on how to make extra money from home by blogging, this is crucial.

4. Be creative

Think of your blog as something fun and creative -write knowing that it can help others to achieve their goals or solve a problem.

5. Reach the reader’s heart

If you want your audience to react on an emotional level, you need to be authentic and sensitive in your writing.  Tell a story that really happened, and share what you learned from it.  It’s okay to be human! This is still relationship building.

6. Use images in your blog

Many if not most of your readers will be visual people and adding a picture or graphic will help them to visualize what you are trying to convey.. and hey, some folks read because they like to look at the pictures! 😉

7. Leave a comments box on your post

Encourage your readers to comment and engage.  Let them know they are welcome and feel like they ‘belong’ on your page. Between their feedback and reading other people’s blogs, you will no doubt improve your own writing skills.

8. Connect with your audience

You’ve got to get your readers to relate with you. Get inside their heads, get them to want to come back to your blog over and over again. Ask your readers questions that provoke them to engage and leave comments.

9. Make a difference

Our time is valuable. Be sure to give your visitors something of value that can make a difference in their lives.

10. Offer your RSS Feed

Invite your readers to subscribe to your content. Have a link or icon for your RSS feed.  Use additional social media tools to make it easy to share your blog with others.


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